Hi there!

I see you are interested in having your book reviewed by yours truly. Kindly take a look at my review policy and let me know what you think!

Preferred Book Formats:

I prefer to read print copies of all the books I read.

Country of Residence:

Hi fellow Canadians! Bonjour mes amies canadienes!

Book Review Period:

I am able to finish reading and reviewing a single book within ONE month of receiving it.

Preferred Genres:

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Memoirs

My Rating System:

DNF – did not finish

1 star – Difficult to finish but finished regardless. Nothing memorable to note.
2 star – Overall story was hard to follow, and flow was all over the place.
3 star – Satisfactory and did not leave me wanting more to the story.
4 star – Loved it! I would recommend to friends as the story is easy to follow with good character development
5 stars, or what I like to call 5 “Patricia Starr’s”
The story blew my mind and will continuously recommend to people asking for book recommendations; made me do the following: cry, slam the book on a flat surface repeatedly, constantly gasp between chapters, made me reread certain parts, or closed the book often to process and control my overwhelming feelings (all emotions in play).

Image: 2 stars example

Note: I cannot guarantee that all books received will be reviewed. This blog is run by a struggling university student. My love for reading can only be temporarily barred by school work and life in general. I hope you can understand.

For additional inquiries, please contact via email at: panne_valentin@hotmail.com

Policy updated accordingly.