1. It’s made me wonder what inspired the author to write the book. To put it simply, I like to read acknowledgements. I’m just amazed by the amount of people who contribute to one book. I always believed that in no way can a person ever do a single thing alone. If you think about it, the universe connects us in so many different ways. Ways in which we would never consider. 

2. I remember details. I used to read books for fun, I mean I still do, but these days I hold onto the stories and make connections with the stories to my own life. I also like to make notes of passages in my journal and go back to them for blog ideas.

3. I am in love with quotes. As per my page dedicated to book quotes, I simply adore looking for quotes I find sweet or inspiring while I’m reading. It’s become a habit now.

4. I am open to rereading my favourite books. I mentioned this in an old post of mine when I started this blog. I don’t reread books. It sounds crazy but I like leaving the stories where they are. They were part of a different time, I guess you could say a different me so I never hesitate to go back. But from my little experience in writing blog posts and book reviews, I want to relive those stories not only by reading my reviews again or glancing at quotes I liked, but by reading it again as a different persons transformed by other books. We are not the same people we were before reading a book. Would you agree?

5. I can become a better writing from it. 

I really sucked at English throughout elementary and high school. But I didn’t hate it. How can I love reading but hate the components of the language I not only read in, but also speak?  

I recently attended a workshop hosted by the founder and editor of Living Hyphen magazine. She made me realize that not everything that’s written has to be structured. If anything, the best pieces of English literature birthed what we now learn today. Many probably didn’t think to follow any structure and yet what became of it, is a gift to the literature world to help us structure our ideas.  

What I love most is just the freedom to write. Much like journaling, I can put my thoughts into words, and those words into feelings. There’s nothing like it. 


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