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Published May 05, 2020

Genres: Fiction, Chick-Lit, Drama, Mystery

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Summary & My Thoughts

The story is set in both New York and Cape Cod in Massachusetts. We follow the story of Daphne, an Instagram influencer who has come a long way from a viral video that has changed her views of her toxic best friend who’s glamourous life is highlighted throughout the book.

Daphne is invited to her ex-best friend’s wedding, someone she hasn’t spoken to since they graduated high school. And after finally being somewhat comfortable in her own skin and having a platform and a community to interact with and inspire, she’s hesitant of the influence that her former friend still has on her. We explore the lives of the wealthy with lavish details of their parties, but also of their family secrets and affairs. And when something happens to the future-bride and a new love interest, to what lengths will Daphne go to find them?

The advantages and obvious disadvantages of an online presence are a big focus in the book. However, it is through social media, and the use of apps, branding, and marketing with online businesses that make it all the more interesting. It’s a very modern take on chick-lits of today, and quite easy to relate to. I have not read that many mystery books in my day (I’m only 22) but this has opened me up to reading more books of the genre. 

The book can appeal to many young women who are constantly questioning their lives, their bodies, their goals to becoming successful in the age of influencers. It highlights problems of self-identity when you are constantly comparing yourself to a photo that does not always portray reality, or the full truth of the individual. I say that it appeals to women because the majority of the information that we are exposed to is targeted to beauty standards. I’m not saying men don’t care, but I would say most women care more. 

Some of the themes I saw were the importance of parent-child relationships and how they affect the decisions and personality of the child. But I believe this novel is also about finding love in yourself, and not letting your online self make your whole identity. It’s easy to fall prey to money, success, fame, and revenge. But who does it “benefit” in the end?

My Rating:

Yay! 5 “Patricia” Stars! (Drawn by yours truly)


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