I love lists. I use it on a daily basis, whether it be for school work or for scheduling my house chores. So here we go!

Tip #1: When you’re not scrolling on your phone, read. 

Tip #2: The best time to read? Right before bed! An amazing night’s rest guaranteed.

Tip #3: On the toilet. For some reason, I always need to be reading something. 

Tip #4: If reading before bed suits you, so will reading as soon as your eyes open for the new day!

Tip #5: If you’re getting bored, then leave! Drop the book and get some fresh air 🙂

Tip #6: Read more than one book at a time! It’s not always easy to stick with just one story at a time, so start a new one, but don’t forget the other.

Tip #7: Surround yourself with books! I always have a few books on hand when I’m not reading. You’re bound to read something when your bored.

Tip #8: Create or read in a quiet environment. Find a reading playlist on Spotify, and find the comfiest seat in your house and enjoy yourself!

Do you have any other tips? Post in the comment box below!

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