This post contains an affiliate link. Read my disclaimer here.  Welcome to my August Book Haul! You might be thinking, how many books can you have for it to be considered as a haul? For myself, 4 to 6 books in one order are just enough! These are the booksContinue Reading

I used to choose my books based on pictures of the book cover. Of course, I grew up and realized I shouldn’t judge books by their pictures. Like any other avid reader, we look at reviews online from bestsellers to whole lists of different genres. I also have quite aContinue Reading

Note: Affiliate links are included in this post. Affiliate disclaimer here. Bookish /ˈbo͝okiSH/ According to Google, this is defined as being devoted to reading and studying rather than worldly interests. I can not help but be drawn and connected to this more than anything. As early as I can remember,Continue Reading